Get the Essential Reference for Evaluating NAC Vendors and Technologies

Gartner Report establishes why enterprises are seeking network access control solutions, describes vendors and their technologies, and presents advantages of selecting each.

Forescout believes there are key issues that are driving widespread interest in network access control solutions:

  • BYOD, IoT and rogue endpoints are invisible to traditional security products
  • Enterprises need an efficient way to grant, limit or block network access depending on the identity and suitability of the user and device
  • Endpoint remediation and policy enforcement are time-consuming manual processes that can and should be automated
  • Conventional security products work in isolation and fail to communicate with other security products

Gartner's Market Guide for Network Access Control provides the information that can help you decide which NAC solution is right for your organization. It lists NAC vendors, including Forescout Technologies, and describes each company’s key products. In addition, it offers recommendations and scenarios for investing in NAC solutions.

By the way, the above-stated issues that are driving interest in NAC solutions—those issues are resolved by choosing and deploying Forescout CounterACT® and Forescout® Extended Modules. But, of course, that’s for you to determine, and an excellent place to start your selection process is with Market Guide for Network Access Control.

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