Learn How to Minimize the Impact of IoT on Network Security

Gartner report predicts how the IoT trend will evolve, and offers recommendations for dealing with the threats it poses to IT environments

When it comes to the Internet of Things, things are happening fast. New IoT endpoints are connecting to networks by the billions every year—and doing so largely undetected. As Gartner looks to 2016 and beyond, the analyst firm believes, “The IoT cannot be secured if security management personnel are unaware the devices are part of the enterprise network.” Gartner goes on to state that, “Discovery, provisioning, authentication and data protection will account for 50% of all security spend for IoT through 2020.”

Network security vendors, integrators and IT managers are all devising their own strategies to deal with these challenges, but who’s to say how best to move forward?

One well‐known authority, Gartner Research, is sharing ideas on this topic.

The Gartner Research Note, Predicts 2016: Security for the Internet of Things, provides important analysis and recommendations for IT leaders who may be re-evaluating strategies related to purchasing new security solutions and services.

No matter what you might take away from the Gartner report, you need a solution that provides visibility into IoT devices on your network and enforces security practices and policies. ForeScout CounterACT® offers the unique ability to see managed, unmanaged and IoT devices the instant they connect to the network, control them—including being able to automatically allow, deny or limit network access based on device posture and security policies, as well as remediate high-risk endpoints—and orchestrate information sharing and operation among disparate security tools.

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